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Dr Mark Tarver is a first class honours graduate of philosophy and former advanced scholar at Oxford where he gained the prestigious B.Phil for teaching university philosophy. He took his doctorate in 1985.

He subsequently moved to Artificial Intelligence and was a lecturer in the UK and America. He still continues to publish in the field, has been an invited speaker, sits on an editorial committee for research review and is a recognised international scientist with a news group of 500 programmers and a multiple author in logic and computer science.

Mark combined his academic career with a study of esoteric practices. He began his esoteric studies as a teenager. In the 1990s he took up Taoism, and studied Taoist daoyin under Dominic Vincent and Wu style tai chi chuan. He trained in yoga at Nasik in India, studied Western native traditions under Mark Lyons in New York and practises qigong for health. His journeys took him to China and to the mountains at Huashan where he spoke with the Grand Master. On his return from China, he wrote the Conversations of Taoist Master Fu Hsiang. In this life he has returned to the path of spiritual teaching.

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